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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by energyman76b
but their drivers ARE working.

I know a lot of linux users personally. Most of them use nvidia. None of them has problems. I changed my mobo yesterday, reboot - everything worked fine. In fact - look at my posts, do I have a problem? Nope. I hang around in this forum because I try to help people.

So, the only people with nvidia problems are here. I and all the nvidia owning linux using guys I know in real life don't have any problems.

What does that say?

1) the drivers ARE working for the vast majority.

2) because this is a support forum, problems are voiced here and it looks a lot worse than it is.

Have a look at the mac-support forums (not nvidia). If you read there, you should come to the conclusion, that every single mac is completly broken - which is obviously not true.

So the guys out there: stop buying crap (btw Asrock boards always worked fine). Stop being annoying, and STOP ACTING LIKE EVERYBODY HAS YOUR PROBLEM! Because you are talking bull****.

And the 'but nv works' argument is bogus (as the vesa one). That drivers don't really use the hardware at all or any features that might be critical (like agp&co), so of course you don't have problems. Hint: if you only use vga&register programming, you won't have problems too. Oh, the surprise!

I bought the complete HP A1677C. Everything is from HP. I don't know what you meant by buying crap? It has an ASUS motherbroad.
Would it satisfy your crap classification?

The system works fine with the 09 driver.

The problem seemed relating to multi-core CPUs. I have another legacy single-core system with legacy Geforce MX graphic card using legacy nvidia driver, it works fine. I have 5 nvidia cards at home and 3 of them are still in service. I personally perferred nvidia until now.

However the recent two nvidia drivers, 11 and 19, lock up miserably with my newer SMP AMD64 system. It works fine with the 09 driver.

I do have a problem as the extension came with the 09 driver is not totally compatiable with 1.4 Xorg.

What system and software do you have? Do you an SMP? Would you mind posting a bug report before making the no problem comment.

I could wait for a couple releases for a good driver but the issue seems I did not get any help and somebody is ignoring there is a bug in the driver.
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