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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

My PSU fried two mainboards. The first Sunday which was a 939DualSata2 holding an AMD X2 4600+ (dualcore), the second one a K7S8X holding an AMD Xp2000+ (singlecore). Until their death I had no problems with the latest nvidia drivers.

I bought a new mobo+cpu on tuesday:
Asrock Alive-NF5-esata2+ and an AMD X2 6000. Put in my Nvidia 6600. Booted, no problems with the latest drivers.

A friend of me, dual core intel cpu, latest drivers, no problems.

hm, dual core, no problems with nvidia drivers - what are we doing wrong?

Maybe, just maybe HP is not able to program a correct bios? How about downloading the firmwarekit.iso and see for yourself?
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