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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by Keyper7
Just to complete nvuser07's post, another thing I want to mention is that nvidia seems to be showing more and more a "post your bug report so we can see how you screwed up our perfect drivers" attitude, followed by a "your bug report was generated in a full moon, so it's not valid" attitude. Might be just an impression, but I was quite disappointed at their null reaction at nvuser07's tests with the 09 module.
your impression is WRONG.

In fact, it goes like this:
somebody joins the forum and writes an insulting post because the driver does not work as expected

Somebody reminds him to read the sticky post.

He posts the output of which is worthless because he let it run without a) the nvidia driver loaded or b) with a different driver version that doesn't show the problem.

That has nothing to do with 'full moon' but user stupidity. And the more stupids are going online with ubuntu, the more stupid posts we have to endure here.
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