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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Originally Posted by energyman76b
your impression is WRONG.

In fact, it goes like this:
somebody joins the forum and writes an insulting post because the driver does not work as expected

Somebody reminds him to read the sticky post.

He posts the output of which is worthless because he let it run without a) the nvidia driver loaded or b) with a different driver version that doesn't show the problem.

That has nothing to do with 'full moon' but user stupidity. And the more stupids are going online with ubuntu, the more stupid posts we have to endure here.
The content and tone of your posts are exactly what I'm talking about.

While I do appreciate all the help the nVidia team is giving around here, sometimes I feel that their thoughts are too close of what you wrote: that the drivers are perfect and whenever a problem happens, it's the user's fault and there is a workaround that he didn't bothered to search for.

If I have the impression that they think like you, how can I believe that they care about fixing problems if they don't even believe that the problems exist in the first place?

The issue here, it seems, is that the nvidia representatives around here are so tired of replying to people who didn't bother to read the sticky posts (and I can totally understand that), that they're starting to flat-out ignore legitimate posts because they think a priori that it's yet another post in this case.

That said, I thank AaronP for the quick reply.

In short, just to clarify this and my previous post, I DO believe nvidia cares. I just have the impression that they are letting the so-called "stupid users" have too much influence over the way they treat ALL users and wanted to point them that.
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