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Default TV Out problems

Arrgghhhh..... Last two days I have been trying to get the TV-Out to work correctly.

After reading all the documentation on Linux support for NVidia cards with TV-Out, I bought GeForce4 MX 440-SE based card. Installing the card and the drivers was easy... But when it comes to using TV-Out that is whole different story....

First of all, I can see the signal on the TV, but the quality is absolutely unacceptable! There are wide lines that roll vertically constantly. I played with all the settings in XF86Config file, but nothing has improved the situation.

Has anyone seen this before? Is this the quality of Linux support NVidia has for TV-Out?

I am sooooo frustrated, I am ready trash NVidia card and get myself a good old SVGA-to-NTSC converter (or even an RF Modulator)....

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