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Default Geforce FX 5800 is actually quite a good card

I recently picked up an Asus FX 5800 (non-ultra). I have 2 systems at home- both with Athlon 2500+, 512 2700 ddr and Nforce2 (Asus and Biostar) motherboards. One system has a Radeon 9800 and the other obviously a 5800. At default settings for both the 9800 and 5800 the 5800 is only a few fps slower than the 9800 in Quake3 and UT2003 benchmarks. I was quite suprised. The 9800 seems to have a edge over the 5800 when paying with AA/AF. I have 17inch monitors and pay all my games at 1024 x 768. The 3dmark2003 scores were 4500 for the 5800 and 5500 for the 9800.

I don't have exact benchmarks with me at the moment, but my point of all of this is that the 5800 really is not a bad card at all. It is smooth in all the games I play. It is too bad the Ultra NV30 gave the standard 5800 a bad rep. I happen to get the 5800 for $299.00- even with the 5900 coming out for $399- I think you can't go wrong if you buy the 5800 now. It will probably get even cheaper soon. Also, the card is quiet too. It is no louder than the case fans I had already.

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