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Originally posted by DSC
I feel sad for the ATI customers. R360, then Loci.... how many more speed bumped R350 cores in the making, when Loci alone would be good enough? Oh well, if you're a fanATIc only, better get a big fat wallet since you'll want all these "refreshes". Good way of bleeding your users of their hard earned money.
The fact is, the R300 architecture has been kicking tail for almost a year now, and now you say you're upset about all the refreshes you've seen. Why aren't you upset about the fact that Nvidia rode the GeForce 3 core for a year and half, calling it by both the 3 and 4 designation, and further deceiving customers with the GF4mx? At least ATI's 9200 is a direct-x 8 class card with a misleading name, not a direct-x 7 one like the MX. Why aren't you similarly upset at the 5800 in general? Seems like that card is just a "good way of bleeding your users of their hard earned money" until the REAL nv30 is out: the nv35. Seems to me like you're faulting ATI for something for which your favorite company is an old salt.

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