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Default Re: "Hotkey Switching of Display Devices" -- does it work in X ?

AaronP said a while back...
I'm afraid hotkey switching is known to not work right currently. We hope to address this in a future driver release.
Ok, so I've been running the 100.14.19 driver now since 28-Sep and finally got a chance to reboot without my external monitor plugged in (i.e. remembered to unplug it before rebooting ) and tested hotkey monitor switching (Fn-F8 on a Dell D820 with Quadro NVS 120m, Ubuntu 6.10).

It works. wow, cool.

Well, I've just tried it here at my office, switching between my external LCD (on CRT video cable) and the builtin lapstation LCD (aka "DFP" in xorg.conf). I didn't touch my xorg.conf file before trying this.

So, the acid test will be hotkey switching back to the builtin LCD, sleeping the system (which has been intermittently (sigh) working) and waking it up @home, plugging in my external CRT (an old Sony multiscan 21"), hotkey switching, and seeing what happens....

More news at 11 (or tomorrow).

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