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Cool Dual Monitor in W2k Help!

Welcome back!!!!

Here is my problem.
I can not get Dual View in W2kpro.

I am running W2Kpro and WinXPpro as dual boot, in XP when I go to the "Display Properties" and click on the tab "Settings" I get dual view mode which shows two displays, but in W2k when I do the same steps I do not.

I do not want to use Nvidia's nView, besides I don't have to use it in XP.

I remember reading a thread somewhere here that metion this problem and it had a fix for it.

It had to do with changing a value in the registry. I'm thinking since this is a single card with two monitor outputs the system sees this card as a single video card. It's when you install the driver it should change a value in the registry and then the system should see it as two.

Is this wrong thinking?

Does anybody know where to change this key?

Please Help!
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