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Default redhat 8/9 lock ups with nvidia driver

I experienced X windows lock up problems with RedHat 9 and downgraded to RedHat 8 thinking it may solve the problem, but that didn't help either. These problems occur with the Nvidia binary driver that I downloaded for the Linux 32 bit architecture.

The lock up seems very random, and sometimes the mouse does not lock up, but usually the entire system completely locks (can't ctrl-alt-backspce or ctrl-alt-del). I can cause the lock up if I run xine to play a dvd and I see this error:

"No accelerate IMDCT transform found."

When I switch back to generic nv driver, everything works fine.

My system looks like:
- XFX GF2 MX400 64M TV PCI
- newest nvidia 32 bit linux driver
- redhat 8.0 (stock kernel)
- AMD Athlon 2600+
- Soyo KT400 DRAGON ULTRA (Black) Motherboard w/ 1 GB DDR/333 RAM

I attached my XF86Config file, but I have to regenerate the XF86log because I reverted back to the generic driver since this was causing problems. Let me know if you need that or any other information

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