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Default Re: Demand on WORKING drivers

Hi again:

I'm surprised that some people on this post have such a conformist attitude on this problem.

They say: "oh, it doesn't work on Linux, well, buy another hardware..."

What's up people? I suppose everyone here in this board uses Linux, so, why do you say things like this? If that's how things were, we wouldn't have almost any kind of hardware support on Linux. Linux's been getting better because of those people that says "oh, it doesn't work? I'll find out how to make a driver." or "I'll ask my friend who's a programmer to make some driver" or "let's ask for a driver to the manufacturer" and so more things work. Please, let's contribute in making better our platform and not just avoiding that which doesn't work properly.

It's good that we're getting response from NVIDIA to fix these "G72 based" problems (and I thank them), but the main problem remains... and will remain until they release their specs to the open. Let's wait until the first ATI driver appears.

Cheers, and keep it cool men.
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