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Default Noob need advice!

I would be very grateful for any advice guys. To try and avoid posting I have done a lot of reading but now I have read it I need to confirm that I have understood it correctly before I fry anything!

Basically I am building my first rig from scratch to replace my 3 year old Alienware and make the jump to Vista. I am keeping the case, PSU (its a PC Power and cooling 750watt), my 7900GTX until the 9000 series and my X-Fi. On its way tomorrow are:

Abit IP35 Pro
Q6600 G0
4GB Crucial Ballistix 8500
Zalman CPU cooler

When building at stock speeds am I correct in this (from my background reading):

CPU runs by default at 1066 so FSB at 266, multiplier of 9 so 2.4 GHz. Would the memory then run at 533 with a 1:1 ratio and if so would I then set the ratio to 1:2 to run at stock speed and timings? I did read somewhere that the memory strapping for a 1066 proc is 1:1.25 and 1:1.15 for a 1066 fsb processor is this the same as the ratio?

Now ideally I would like to run at 3Ghz so with this mobo I would just up the FSB to 333 providing CPU is ok and cool enough and a slight voltage increase may be needed. If the memory was at ratio 1:2 I would then drop to 1:1.5 to avoid overclocking it.

Is my thinking here correct? Many thanks for all your help and apologies for the long post and noob questions.
Alienware Case
ABit IP35 Pro
Q6600 G0@3Ghz with Zalman 9500
4Gb Crucial Ballistix 8500
BFG 7900GTX OC 512Mb
Creative X-Fi Fatality
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Samsung 22" Widescreen LCD
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