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Originally posted by Hellbinder
I have seen comments like this posted a couple times now.

If the 500mhz chip required a dustbuster. To the extreme that a bug or overlooked area in the driver caused whole cards to MELT during a 3d screen saver.

How in the *beep* do you suppose that the same chip clocked at 400mhz with normal cooling is "easily overclockable to Ultra and beyond"??? Sorry, not without adding some extreme cooling.
well it is true that the FX5800 has pretty much OC potential. In germany i know some guys who have this card and all get easily over Ultra clock speeds without any extra cooling.
The lage cooler is mostly to guarantee flawless work because their might be pc cases which are not that good cooled like others. Most enthusiast although have pretty good cooled pc cases so that might be one reason why so many people manage to get ultra clock speeds on their FX5800.
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