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ignore ABI ? Don't use composite ?
No transparency for us 'exotic' BSD users, no Beryl, no Compiz, no nothing but 1980ish standards ?
We're stuck with plain old X, despite having forked over + 600 $ for our 8800s ?
Are u kidding me ?
Do u want us to join M$ ? I'd rather buy an ATI card !
Let's be real, XP isn't going to change, and MS shot themselves in the leg with Vista.
Why bother about Vista ? DirectX 10 isn't used by anything anyway.
Just forget Vista unless they release SP1 - K ?

XP drivers are fine as they are.
My moms XP ran with Nvidia drivers of last year.
I installed Blazing Angels - the last and most demanding Ubisoft Flight Sim.
Then I ran benchmarks.
Then I upgraded the Nvidia driver to the latest.
Then I ran benchmarks.
Do you think there was a little, teensy weensy, gain in performance ?
NOPE ! Absolutely none whatsoever.
Again, why bother ?
Most Windows users don't upgrade their drivers anyway.
They just stick with what came with their PC.
Automatic updates is all they've got.

Most Linux users rely on packages, supplied by their vendors.
They just click on 'update packages' and that's it.

Your only 'REAL' audience are BSD users.
They raise matters of importance - they don't need advice about cicking an install button . .
They provide useful feedback, instead of asking stupid questions.
Don't disappoint them.
Any new driver should be released for BSD first.
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