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Default Re: Some BD players cannot handle BD+

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
works flawlessly on my PS3 just as HD DVD works flawlessly on my 360 Elite (well, currently doing a special mod on my Halo 3 edition 360 . . .which will replace the Elite but with a larger HDD and special interface with a PC). Of course EvilChris has a special insight into the high def war because he has FBI contacts

Oh, + 2 for pops . . .for his service
sorry, but he is right, its not often when he is right, but this time he is.

sony rushed out a standard that wasn't finished. People that adapted the tech right of the bat will be having problems. Because their players won't meet the 1.1 profile.

Its been over a year since BD launched, and standard still isn't finished.
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