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Default Looking towards the end of the year for an HDTV purchase

My wife and I are looking to the end of the year to buy ourselves a new TV sort of like a Christmas present to each other. Our budget is around $1500~ish.

A couple of friends of mine have bought their TV's from best buy using their no interest payment plans and it sounds like a good option for us as we never have $1500 laying around.

All that being said, do you guys think that prices will fall that much between now and the end of the year?

And also, we're looking at a size of 42" to fit in our TV cabinet and I've noticed that the 1080p models are way more expensive than the 720p TV's.

How much of a difference would there be watching movies or hdtv regarding the two different resolutions at that 42" size? I could understand a larger TV benefitting from a higher pixel count but I would think that teh smaller tV's wouldn't make that much of a difference but I really don't know enough about them to make an educated decision and I can't find any literature online to make any sort of indication.

If a 720p model would be sufficient then it seems we would be able to buy a nicer brand/model.

I know the 42" westinghous 1080p at best buy is within or price range but I'm wondering if something like a 720p sony or samsung would offer a better picture.

My dad's mom has this one that looks great.

It's plasma though and we have lots of windows around so I'm not sure if it would work at our place

any suggestions or insight?
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