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Default Re: nvidia 100.14.19 + ipw3945: system freezes

Originally Posted by mlfarrell

you appear to be having almost the exact same problem as me! I too have an HP laptop with ipw3945 driver & nvidia xid lockups. Please let me know if you develop any solution. My problem occurs nearly 0% of the time unless I use desktop compositing via beryl or compiz (then its produceable almost always within 24 hours of use).
It seems to be the very same issue! I don't know if it's something in composite or is just that I am using opengl graphic: I don't use any game or graphical apps so I don't know if this issue occurs even without beryl, but while using some 3d intensive app. Did you try this?

Originally Posted by mlfarrell
irqpoll, noapic, nolapic, all don't work. IIRC, even nosmp doesn't fix the problem, though I may have to retest that. I remember trying just about everything mentioned on these forums at least once. Do the errors still happen for you if the ipw3945 driver is not loaded?
I have used my computer for about 12 hours without any issue when I tested it without ipw3945, but did not test it more as I wanted to try shaundennie's suggestion and was hoping to get a better trace to help the devs to fix this.

I have blacklisted ipw3945 now and I will try to see how much uptime I can do without a crash.

Originally Posted by mlfarrell
Thinking it was a kernel irq issue, I switched my latest kernel to tickless to greatly reduce the number of interrupts, though the stability level remains the same.
Same here. I am tickless now.

I have found this in my dmesg:

ACPI: BIOS bug: multiple APIC/MADT found, using 0
ACPI: If "acpi_apic_instance=2" works better, notify

this problem started when I updated my BIOS to solve the freezing X with moving cursor issue, maybe it's a sort of bug in the HP BIOS which is exposed by a combination of NVIDIA and ipw3945 drivers...

I will post here again if I find out something.
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