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Yes, it is a library distributed by nVidia, but the simple fact that hundreds (if not thousands) of other people are using the very same library without problems points to something unique on your system.

Near as I can tell, that uniqueness is running a program linked against glibc 2.2 under glibc 2.3. Granted, that may not be the case, but if you grab one of the many open-source GL programs floating around (something like the last release of TuxRacer before it went commercial), I bet that it'll work without that error.

I'm thinking it's some sort of interaction between TLS and non-TLS libraries (the program itself links against non-TLS, but the libGLcore links against TLS, or something like that), but since I've never used a RH9-TLS system, I don't know enough about how that works.

Yeah, I'm not sure where Andy went, but it seems like he's here for a few weeks or so around a new driver release, then disappears doing either driver development, or driver developer bugging, or something, until about the time the next driver gets released. Whatever -- how he spends his time doesn't really bother me.
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