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Originally posted by phil d
looking at the picture you attached, the antialiasing is surprisingly crude.
Yeah, no kidding. The left edge of the front triangle is what you're talking about, right? It does look fairly crappy.

Wish I knew why...

<looking back through the thread>

kow -- I don't have a clue whether the hardware of software should be implementing polygon AA, so I can neither confirm nor deny your suspicions. Just in case you're wondering.

<looking back further>

Draw them front to back, huh? That's odd -- I'd think that if the AA happened when the polygons got drawn, then the driver (or the hardware) would need to know what color was behind the polygon in question, not the colors in front of it. Hmm... of course, I don't pretend to understand a whole ton of OpenGL (about enough to draw lines in 3D ), so yeah.
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