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Default Re: Horrible 8800 GTS 3DMark06 score. Help!

The graphic card power needs to be direct proportional to the cpu power. The graphic card requests some minimal cpu power in order to operate at full capacity. For example i remember the old 6600gt, it needed at least 3 ghz on a pentium 4 to operate properly. At that processor you have, i wouldn't be surprised if the graphic card would work at 70% capacity.

The newer and newer video cards tend to eliminate the cpu load on graphic-based algorytms, thus, the cpu has more available power. But this comes at a price: the graphics card must be better. Though a high-end graphics card needs a relatively newer-generation cpu mainly for efficient communication between the 3 major components. The ram and hdd sends data, the cpu processes it and the graphics card creates images based on the received data. If the cpu is slower, it automatically slows the graphics card down.

Btw with a 8600gt, 2 gigs ram and core 2 duo e6320 i get about the same results. So you see the cpu has a big impact.
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