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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

A few more from FEX while i play about with it

Over all i think FEX still feels a little freash out of beta but i know the dev's are working very hard on bug fixing and features and if you think it looks good

in screen grabs it looks X10 better ingame/motion

if i can find a good host and i get the time i'll try and grab an ingame movie for you guys to checkout

And yes i agree Lith1um Flight Terrain X looks like it will do for FSX'es ground textures what FEX has done for its skies if its only half as good as FEX it just made my shopping list!

One another note i just scored a sweet deal with a bud of mine who just decided to Can FSX and just go back to FS9....i just traded him a few xbox360 games(halo3,bluedragon,darkness) for a whole host of FSX addons (UTX,fsgenesis,MSX Vancouver/aspen and a ton more)+ his X45 throttle/joy set (hes going x52 pro) gonna have a fun few days installing and tweaking stuff
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