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I'm just going to add that I bought a GeforceFX 5800 non-ultra and am happy with it. It was US$20-50 more expensive than the 9700s (non-pro). The choice was simple really, even though it was more expensive and performed a little slower in some tests & games, I know my computer will be stable. Four years ago, I stupidly bought a S3 Savage 4 because it was Faster and Cheaper than the nVidia TNT. I regreted that every day I owned it and have only bought nVidia for home use ever since. BTW, at work, I have almost every video card ever made, so I know a little about them. Also, I was upgrading from a Geforce3, so the performance difference was significant. If I had a Geforce4, I'd probably wait until something more exciting came along.
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