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Default Re: nvidia 100.14.19 + ipw3945: system freezes

Originally Posted by mlfarrell
hmm, I'm still testing with the new with the new wireless driver. Does my kernel allow me to insert custom dsdt's without patching or rebuilding? If it involves messing with the initrd, I'm a little weary as I panicked my kernel on boot before by messing with the initrd image.

I'm curious about this acpi_os_name=Windows2006 option. What does that do? Isn't it bad for the bios to think that we're running windows?
acpi_os_name="Windows 2006" tells the BIOS that we are running Windows Vista... I don't know if it's good for our issue, but sometimes it's usefull because some BIOSes will disable some ACPI functions when they believe that you are running some old OS, which doesn't support them.

rmayer have rebuilt his dsdt commenting the if(_OSI = ...) blocks and picking up the value of Win Vista, so I am suggesting to use the "acpi_os_name" kernel parameter instead of rebuilding the DSDT as it's much more easy this way. I think that this two approaches have the same effect of making your BIOS think that you are using Vista. I think that rebuilding the DSDT is required only if it contains errors or warinings, but rebuilding it just to change the OSYS value, when you could just append the correct kernel parameter is useless....

I am going on testing some kernel parameters and will report if I find something that seems to work... (It takes me a lot of time as I need to keep my computer working for some hours).
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