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Default Re: World in Conflict Full Version Feedback Thread

Pretty cool game but not the revolutionary thing they were hyping all year. The graphics are pretty good but not OMG! spectacular. It's really the sheer number of units on the screen and the physics that are amazing. PhysX card support would have been nice, but who has one of those? The fire support effects are the star of the show though. Wicked fun!

I like how they have the cpu controlled allies fighting a huge war while the player is responsible for one little corner of the map. Makes it feel like a bigger war around you, not just army men in a sandbox.

I also love that they got Alec Baldwin to do the narration, but he did a crappy job. Why do these big name professional actors do such horrible voice overs for video games? It's like they do a bad job on purpose.

The SP is short but well done. You really get swept up in the war. It wasn't exactly Red Dawn, but it was interesting. It's really short though and there aren't that many units to command. I guess they're saving room for the inevitable expansion packs. Reminds me of Dawn of War, where the original game felt like it had units deliberately left out, then they released like 100 expansions for it. Maybe we get to fight China in the expansion. Hopefully we'll get naval units too.

My biggest problem with the game is lack of single player skirmish vs. the cpu. That's half the fun of these RTS games for me. I hate online RTS games since they go on for so long and you can't just leave to go to the bathroom. Skirmishes VS. CPU are standard for RTS games. It's sucks that they left it out. Maybe they did it to encourage more online play and to screw over folks with pirate copies.
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