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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by Gnaddel
Got myself a Toshiba 37C3001PG last week. Today I finally went out to get a wireless keyboard and mouse. Now THATS the way it's ment to be played....
OT: If you go wireless get a keyboard that allows you to encrypt else you don't need to install a keyboard sniffer from the phishermen's website to loose your PINs and passwords.

BOT: [Back On Topic] I just was at the local store of ***** markt and wanted to look at the new Sony KDL-40X3500 because I'll soon move into an area with cable and building permissions don't allow a satellite dish on the site wall or roof of the building and the Sony seems to be the only one with built-in HD DVB-C support. If anyone out there knows of other sets with built-in HD DVB-C receivers please let me know.
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