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Default Re: GeForce Go 7900 GS black flash screen

Here's what the Dell Windows drivers set:

HKR,, InstalledDisplayDrivers,       %REG_MULTI_SZ%, nv4_disp
HKR,, VgaCompatible,                 %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, VPEEnable,                     %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, EnumerateTVAsACPIDevice,       %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, UseBestResolution,             %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, DFPAsDefaultMonitor,           %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, DualViewMobile,                %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, RMMaintainDevs,                %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, NV11MLFNT,                     %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, PanScanSelection,              %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, DualviewPolicyID,              %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, DevSwitchSuppressMask,         %REG_DWORD%,    0x02
HKR,, RMMaintainTVStandard,          %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, ModesetBlankDelay,             %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, SBIOSHandlesHotkeyInhibit,     %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, OverlayMode2,                  %REG_BINARY%,   52,00,10,00
HKR,, UseSingleSurfaceSemaphore,     %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, LidBehavior,                   %REG_DWORD%,    0x11
HKR,, EnablePersistenceStorage,      %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, RmMaintainScaling,             %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, WidePanelBehavior,             %REG_DWORD%,    0x30
HKR,, EnableAGPSBA,                  %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, OverlayMode3,                  %REG_BINARY%,   00,00,00,00
HKR,, DualViewHotKeyPolicy,          %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, UseCVTReducedBlanking,         %REG_DWORD%,    0x80000020
HKR,, RotateFlag,                    %REG_DWORD%,    4
HKR,, MVNumKeys,                     %REG_DWORD%,    0x80
HKR,, HotKeyUseOSResolution,         %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, dynEngCtrlEnabled,             %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, DetectedDevsCacheTime,         %REG_DWORD%,    0x1194
HKR,, ExternalSSDeviceRestore,       %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, ResetPolicy,                   %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, nvEDIDPruning,                 %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, DualViewAllow2ndViewAsPrimary, %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, RMOnDemandVBlank,              %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, ModeUnionEnable,               %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, PowerMizerLevel,               %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, PowerMizerLevelAC,             %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, LogicScalingMode,              %REG_DWORD%,    0x4
I suppose one can use them through NVreg_RegistryDwords, but how do you pass several arguments? With a coma between them? I'm willing to try and post the results here but this will take some time.
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