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Default Re: Noob requires overclocking advice

hehehe 3.8Ghz is a bit high for standard HSF.

I went for a safe core speed of 3Ghz with 1200 FSB, i disabled the SLI memory and unlinked it from the FSB then i manualy set the timings to 4-4-4-12 2T, im sure i could go further with the mem but i had to up the voltage to 2.1v and didnt really wanna go further than that. When i know more about clocking the mem i might consider it.

Ive run Orthos for the last 2.5 hours and it has succesfully completed all the tests upto that time.

CPU temp = 47c idle and 64c underload @ 1.225v

I'm going to look for a aftermarket HSF tommorow and if all is still well at 3Ghz i'll take it further.
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