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Well, er...

I'm feeling quite stupid now...

I had a lot of troubles installing this nvidia driver, and after all it was so simple... I supose this must be happening to a lot of Mandrake users, who are completely newbies in linux, and are attracted to Mandrake because is suposed to be the easiest distribution.

So, if you are a Mandrake user, chances are that you're also a newbie.

To install this nvidia driver:
- First of all, EXIT from the X mode. This is clearly said in the nvidia readme, but not in terms that a dummy as me can understand:
- Open a console.
- type >>> su
- input the root password
- type >>> init 3
- login as the root
- execute the >>> sh
- exit from the root to a standard user
- >>> startx

Chances are that now the driver is working.
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