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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
silly mind running the settings u use by me? what settigns would u use if u had slid g80s?
FSX is CPU bound, so none of the settings you choose in game will stress your GPU's. The only way to stress the GPU's would be to use supersample AA, and I am curious how much you can do with SLI. I use 8xS via enhancer with a single G80.

These are the settings I use give or take. Some scenery packs use higher mesh and texures, so I increase those sliders to match what is supported by the scenery.

In addition to these I set Global Texture Resolution to Very High, cloud draw distance to 70mi, and I turn off Bloom, Traffic, and Aircraft Self Shadows.

Keep in mind I do not use SP1, othewise I would have water at High and autogen would be at Very Dense.

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