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Default Re: nvidia 100.14.19 + ipw3945: system freezes

I'm really starting to think that my wireless card was the culprit. I've had 0 problems now with the nvidia driver since I've switched to iwl3945. Earlier today I saw the same kind of activity that used to result in a freeze "psmouse lost sync" errors and the wireless card crapped out requiring me to restart to get it to work again, yet the video was fine.

I did have a permenant vram corruption using compiz + dosbox today, but I believe thats unrelated and due to my fooling around with fullscreen+x11 damage. Restarting compiz fixed it and I didn't have to log out, so thats not too severe.

I suppose since all drivers run under supervisor (kernel) mode, they have the ability to trip each other up, which might have been going on with the wireless. I still find it odd though if this is the solution, since my wifi card and nvidia are on two separate irq's.
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