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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Sweet. Are you using tileproxy for the google earth textures?

Yeah definitly install vancouver+, its the best scenery add on I have seen so far. Its simply massive and I'm going to be able to put in many hours exploring the areas. I had no clue it covered 30,000 sq km, otherwise I would have purchased it by now, though it is a bit spendy.
I tryed tileproxy but it was really slow and it took ages to load an area(20 mins for grand canyon) and then ages for the highrez tiles to snap in

So i did a bit more poking around on how to take google or other earth service data and stuff it into FSX and found a program called FS earth tiles which allows you to pull in tiles from various earth services and then re-encodes the data for use as FSX scenery,it takes a while to grab and encode the files and theres no autogen or water masking atm but it shows alot of promise for the more barren areas of the planet

i just started to grab the Grand Canyon with it (again this is using fsgenesis mesh) i'll post more when the area's complete

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