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Default Re: Looking towards the end of the year for an HDTV purchase

As HD tv's go there are three different major types:
-DLP - Digital Light Projection.
-LCD - Liquid Crystal Display.
-Plasma - (Plasma).

Each of them have pro's and con's, but typically:
Is the most expensive.
Arguably the best picture (I don't think so, but most do).
Is the thinnest.
Suffers from burn in (if you like sports and/or video games, you might want to cross this off your list).
When one of the colours goes, you toss it in the trash, it is not fixable (They have a ~5year lifespan, and that is left on almost all day every day).
Is the middle of the pack in price.
Gives a picture like any lcd screen.
Can suffer from dead pixels.
When the backlight goes, it can be replaced, some are easier than others.
Some have lower refresh rates and will cause motion blur.
Lifespan is typically directly related to bulb life span.
Is the cheapest of the three (typically), but LCD is rapidly catching it.
Requires a stand that is 2ft to 3ft deep.
Some people notice halos and/or colour bands.
It comes with a replaceable bulb, most bulbs cost ~$200 and you can replace it yourself.

(I have a 2004 42" DLP set by Toshiba, it works great).

There are a few things that you want to look at (and it doesn't matter what kind you get).
a) The inputs offered on the set. HDMI and composite are required.
b) Check if the set includes a HDMI tuner or does it require a cable box.
c) Ensure that if the set says 720p or 1080p that it supports that resolution natively and doesn't have to do some weird scaling. Having a higher native resolution is fine, but having to shrink the picture because the tv doesn't support the full resolution is bad.
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