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Default Re: Allow embedded multimedia into posts

How is that any different than being able to post said material? There is literally nothing stopping porn promoters from plastering a bunch of pictures.

Originally Posted by evilghost
Don't do it, opens up areas for CSRF and XSS
That is assuming youtube would be interested in such things. It wouldn't/couldn't work universally, it would only work with certain sites that it is specifically programmed for.

And even if it did, for these sites it doesn't have to use cross site scripting. Namely what it does is bring up a local flash player, and then directs it to play the flv located on the youtube server. The client never executes any scripts outside of Granted this isn't how works, but it is how Anymedia works.

As for the spam problem, that would be moot if the URL blocking suggestion I posted earlier were implemented.
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