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Default Re: ETA on 7.3 compatible driver?

Supporting FreeBSD 5x sounds like a good thing.
There are lots of servers out there, still running "obsolete" versions of FreeBSD.
There's no reason to change them, they're possibly up for months/years.
They serve webpages, databases . . whatever, for years to come, without a glitch.
The police in Norway still uses VAXes. They work, they do the job, so what ?
That's what BSD is (was) all about, sturdy server performance . . . bless them.
But you DO realize they're the only ones that don't need advanced graphics, do you ?
Times have changed, forks of BSD like i.e PC-BSD aim on casual users.
Joe Sixpack wants bleeding edge graphics - nothing less.
FreeBSD 7 is just around the corner - the most advanced OS on this planet . .
. . with a graphics driver that requires 5x compat.
Now imagine a Vista driver that needs to run under Win95 compatibility . . .
You think that'd be a sad joke ? You're right !
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