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I have no idea, Dag. I don't think we're looking at a political issue, more a technical one. If you look at the e-mail Zander sent last year, you'll see that FreeBSD falls short of a few things that nVidia need to bring the driver to feature parity with the other platforms and it's just possible that Xorg 7.3 has exacerbated the issues surrounding these missing features (conjecture; I really have no idea but, with the same information as anyone else, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution than alienate the only company that provides a graphics driver for us).

There's also a Wiki page somewhere with a progress report. As you no doubt know, the kernel module is the biggest challenge on FreeBSD and there seems to be little progress on the issues that Zander raised. One or two things have been implemented in -CURRENT, but not enough to allow an amd64 port (another issue that seems to crop up on these forums, even though it has been explained time and again) or Zander to include the improvements in speed and reliability to the driver. I very much doubt the BSD driver has a full-time developer. It's more likely that it's something of a pet project for one or two people who also work on the other platforms. If you pop over to the Linux area of this forum, you'll probably notice that Zander is also very much involved with the Linux driver. He's also in evidence on the Solaris section. Again, I don't know nVidia's internal structure but, going on the available information, this seems more likely than not.

It is my belief that if BSD's driver were simply a case of taking the Linux code and tweaking it a bit, it would be posted. Given that it hasn't been, my opinion is it is better to wait for working code and assume that it is most definitely not that easy than pressure release of something that isn't ready.
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