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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Anyone else noticed the number of, I'll be polite here, inexperienced lvl 60+s of late? Perhaps this coinciding with, when on alts it's next to impossible to find groups for lower lvl instnaces as everyone gets rushed?

The other day, we decided to have a sorta fun run through ZG. We did end up excepting some lvl 60+s who were not in guild though. It was the absolute worst raid any of us have ever seen. Things were more organized our first time in Gruul's this week (without these lower lvls being PuGed), though we still haven't quite got the pull for the first boss yet. This is saying something as we still don't have the pull for first boss in Gruul's worked out just yet, but getting there.

OK, it's only ZG, and not a lvl 70 raid; but still it's no trash through BRD (which I could and have rushed people through parts on my hunter before), especially with 61s and 62s in group. What we got was the lowbies running around and pulling everything, constantly needing to be resed. Then there was the thing where the tanks, weren't umm, allowed to tank at all, as these 60-63s kept thinking of it as a rush through lowbie instances, and would run around hitting everything/dragging them to all the higher lvl players (not necessarily tanks, but even squishies).

I remember when we did that in my first guild a year ago. At lvl 60, and with far less gear, we never had that much trouble, even our first time in when we were just learning the instance; and mind you downed 1 or 2 bosses first time in. This time, we didn't even make it up to a boss, with the lvl 62s and stuff we found. I never thought, a ZG could have gone that bad, with outland geared, especially as we did have 20 people (overkill with 70s) between the whole lvl range....
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