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Default Re: Crysis low, med, high, very high screen compare here

Originally Posted by JohnDio
Seriously what's up with limiting the draw distance (and maybe the LOD) in High (DX9) and Very High (DX10)? This is NOT a feature. For years we have been sliding the draw distance and the LOD and now we won't be able to adjust them cause of the bloody DX10? And on top of this... most of the DX10 features like occlusion mapping and sunshafts are enabled in the DX9 beta via tweaks. And finally this screenshot is not impressive at all. Hell it's even worse than the beta graphics
it's due to the z-buffer limitations, possibly, i don't really know. but it really does look like **** how **** far away looks all ****ty and ****.

i miss the w-buffer.

i think that the unreal 3 engine is probably better.
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