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Post Why I DONT Want them to Open Source them

The current drivers are not just OK, they are fantastic. I have been running three different NVidia cards under linux since the pre 1.0 series, and have never had more than a minor problem BEFORE 1.5, SINCE I have had 0 problems. They work awesome on any game I throw at them, and support all kinds of advanced features like TwinView TvOut, FSAA, etc flawlessly. Compared feature for feature to the linux ATI drivers, ATI is not even in the same galaxy. The ATI drivers are feature limited, slow, and unstable. I know this because I also recently had a Radeon card.

If they Open Sourced them, this would all go away. You know why? The reason the current drivers are so good is that they are MADE by NVidia, by employees PAID to make them, whereas the ATI drivers have virtually 0 support from ATI, its pretty much an independant effort. Sure, ATI makes the original reference ones, then throws out a spec sheet and says "have fun", saying "hey, we can get the drivers developed / maintained for free, why shoudl we waste effort?" No wonder they blow. I do not want this to happen to the current excellent NVidia drivers.

Come on, do you really think you are going to be able to make drivers better than the people who MAKE the hardware? I am all for Open Source in software, but in my drivers, I don't really give a damn. NVidia is not restricting anyones rights, the software would be useless without their hardware in the first place. All I want is stability, performance, and features on par with the windows drivers. And the NVidia Linux drivers have this in spades (they even have some TwinView features the Windows ones do not!!!)

End of rant. Now everyone get off their high horse and stop whining about such a stupid issue.
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