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Default Re: Crysis low, med, high, very high screen compare here

Originally Posted by Jonelo
i can imagine those leaves shimmering in motion.

is it 4x aa max and no trss, so it won't make the x360 look bad to people who can't tell that it looks like ****?

also, i'm concerned about the very high textures being blurrier than the high. i've come to a theory. there's no difference in dx10 between ati's af and nvidia's or so i've been told. in an af tester they look very different. i wonder if microsoft has made dx10 force filtering optimisations? I wouldn't be surprised.

i expect the highest quality af on the 8series to be removed from the 9 series.

damn, i wouldn't even have the transistors for anything but the highest quality mode.

but that's just me.
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