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The Zalman ZM80a heatpipe will NOT work alone on a GeForce FX 5800. Notice that copper heatsink covers the RAMs on both sides. DDR2 memories REQUIRE a thermal solution at those clocks, and cannot run exposed. I came, I saw, I fried my stock 5800U in a case with a 59*C ambient temperature. RMA'd a replacement because the RAMs overheated to death!

Consumer GeForce FX 5900 cards ship with DDR1 memories, so you might be able get away with a GPU-only cooler like the Zalman heat pipe.

The FX 5200 and 5600 are fine with a Zalman ZM80a heatpipe.

Originally posted by Deimos Makes me wonder what they will call the NV35 Value that is rumoured.
The Ultra and non-Ultra are the only versions I've heard about so far. What makes you think there's a third option for "value" market? (A Link would be perfect!)
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