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Originally posted by DBY
This is amazing, if any of you understand how business works you'll understand that Nvidia have a serious problem for which i now doubt very much that they will be able recover. ATI have released a product that has blown every competitor clean out of the water - for the very first time. The harsh reality for Nvidia now is that ATI will get stronger and stronger through the reputation of this wonder product, and it is indeed a wonder product. By the time the NV30 is released ATI will already be farther down the development line with their next product the r350. What does all this mean???? Nvidia will have to settle for second place
LOL. Talk about naive. I seriously doubt this will stop nVidia from leapfrogging ATI. ATI has just made the jump to the new technology a bit ahead of nVidia, but this isn't anything that they haven't done before (Radeon -> GF2GTS, 8500 -> GF3). The only real difference here is that the new product is a bit further in advance of nVidia's reply part, and the technology is far enough advanced over the current parts on the market to look really good. The fact that both companies have been working on similar parts (features / performance) tells me that both were (and are, in nVidia's case) looking to a major leap in this next generation. It also says that the one-upmanship will continue, at least for the time being.
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