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Default Thinking of returning to EQII

Hey folks,
Was wondering if you could help me out. I went to the EQ2 website to figure out what i need to purchase to be all caught up on the expansions. Only to get even more confused. I logged into my station ID and this is the list of items I currently have:

In-Game Item: Carnivorous Plant
Entitlement: Kingdom of Sky
In-Game Item: 365 Day Vet Reward
In-Game Item: 182 Day Vet Reward
In-Game Item: 90 Day Vet Reward
In-Game Item: 30 Day Vet Reward
In-Game Item: 7 Day Vet Reward
In-Game Item: 1 Day Vet Reward
Entitlement: Desert of Flames + In-Game Item: Genie Bottle
In-Game Item: Gazing Orb
In-Game Item: Pet Monkey
In-Game Item: Mysterious Shard
Entitlement: The Splitpaw Saga
Entitlement: Auction Beta
In-Game Item: Talking Statues

What pack/expansion should I be buying to be all caught up?
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