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Default Re: Crysis low, med, high, very high screen compare here

Originally Posted by agentkay
I never had any problems with Vista and I'm looking forward to play it in DX10. I do think some of the "bonus" DX10 effects will probably make it to DX9 through .cfg file tweaks but I do expect them to have a lower performance inpact in DX10.

The engine is clearly aimed towards the future hardware, enabling for instance 4096x4096 soft shadow maps will bring even a GTX to its knees (beta2 - low teens to single digit fps at 1080p) and the raytracing/light reflection effects (that are still in the engine, r_sun something command) are possibly too taxing as well.
with the exceptions of a few games (doom3, for example) i've always thought that shadows have been overrated. i can happily just turn shadows off and max everything else out, except the resolution, would be playing at 16.8x10.5
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