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Default Re: Crysis low, med, high, very high screen compare here

Originally Posted by nightmare beta
with the exceptions of a few games (doom3, for example) i've always thought that shadows have been overrated. i can happily just turn shadows off and max everything else out, except the resolution, would be playing at 16.8x10.5
I think shadows are essencial for a game that wants to archieve realistic and impressive visuals and they are as important as texture quality and good lighting. The only games that don't need shadows as badly are the ones that try to archieve a cartoony look (IMO).

I would rather disable motion blur, DoF or even some AA/AF before shadows but yes I guess 4096x4096 shadows are indeed a little bit of an overkill if they are too expansive (performance-wise), 2k shadows are good enough. I still think its a great idea that they are there, that you can enable them with a next-gen card and play the game again with even more impressive visuals, with full AF, with better AA, with TRAA-SS, higher resolution, higher viewdistance, etc.

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