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I want free(libre)drivers
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The current drivers are not just OK, they are fantastic.
Closed Nvidia drivers are the one thing that makes my machine unstable. Kernel maintainers aren't interested in tainted kernels (and I don't expect them to be) so this won't go away. That's not my idea of ok.

Official maintained drivers are just that, regardless of the licence. I don't see how releasing specs to hardware to allow 3rd party drivers can have a negative impact on existing drivers, If anything the effect could be positive if the free drivers outperformed the closed drivers.

Come on, do you really think you are going to be able to make drivers better than the people who MAKE the hardware?
Not without all of the relevent details on the hardware. It would be easy to better the kernel framebuffer driver though. (It uses the generic one)
I am all for Open Source in software, but in my drivers, I don't really give a damn.
That's a contradiction.

All I want is stability, performance, and features on par with the windows drivers.
Does that include application specific optimisations? I don't want windows stability, I want Stability. Performance and features are secondary, but still important.

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