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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Sweet many thx for the link

Cant seem to find Computer pilot instore anywhere here in the UK only an mag call pc pilot (no where near as good imo)

Just found this pretty sweet Acceleration DX10 ingame movie by Jun Kazama

Got the van+ installed now(had a few problems with the install but a quick vist to there forums helped clean it up fast)Its a Very sweet addon (if a little heavy of fps while downtown)and having a dig through my bits and pieces from swap box i found out id also got the perfect accompaniment in AeroSoft's BeaverX
i'll grab a few shots of there reworked beaver (its loads better than the default fsx beaver)once my defrag completes(atleast i got something to read now while i wait) its a very cool plane & there are about 40 variations of skins and VC skins + the dash mounted gps is very handy

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