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Default Re: Why I DONT Want them to Open Source them

Originally posted by brunes69
The reason the current drivers are so good is that they are MADE by NVidia, by employees PAID to make them, whereas the ATI drivers have virtually 0 support from ATI, its pretty much an independant effort.
I want to get a job working on the FreeBSD drivers. I've always wanted a job where I got paid to do absolutely nothing.

Quoth the FreeBSD drivers page:
Version: 1.0-3203
File Size: 3 MB
Release Date: November 7, 2002
My bitterness aside, I infact do believe that given the proper info, the open source community COULD make a much better driver. You said it yourself: the people making the driver are doing so because they're paid to do so. I have never considered money a motivator to do a good job. Let the people with a passion for what they do make the drivers.
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