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Default What is the best video card for doing....

Ok guys, I have posted a topic regarding dual displays. I'm not an expert on dual displays and video cards but currently I have an amd 1.4 athlon with a geforce3 titan3 ocz. After much research and input from users, this lead me to believe that my video card is not capable of dual display (extending my desktop, etc.)

Now the question is what is the best video card out there that I can get for extreme gaming, graphic designing and has the dual display capabilities.

There are so many different brands, pny, creative, nvidia, etc that I am so lost it's not even funny. Can someone point me to the right video card to get. Also, take in mind that I don't want to pay 300+ for a freaking video card which I already have spent on this titan3. P.s. if you haven't heard about the titan3, just do a search for titan3 geforce3 reviews, apparently the ocz website doesn't have the actual product in their website anymore...kinda wierd...

Anyway, please help me.
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