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Default A possible solution to the post-count ranking system?

evilghost refered to this earlier that a major source of irritation for many members are the senseless spamming and trolling from members.

There MUST be an alternative ranking system to our current post-count. The problem IMO is that our current post counter is the ONLY way of acquiring a status on this forum making it prone to a ridiculous amount of spamming and senseless posting.

This is just and idea and I don't know if vbulletin can accomodate this but what if the post-count can be accompanied with a star voting system whereby people can rank you based on the quality of your posts.

Say kevpla is making an ass of himself again for a long enough period and enough people vote negatively, he can accrue a status of ass-hat or something like this. If, on the other hand, enough people vote positively then someone can attain the title of master poster or something like that.

The post counter can still stay for those people who wants to see how many posts they made but at least it won't be the SOLE means of aquiring a status on the forum any more. Now you can see that someone like Udawg has 25,000 posts but that it has been mostly useless drivel (j/k )for which no-one cares. And you can also see that someone has only posted 50 times but his posts have been decent and thoughtful.

The problem with this system however can be that it can lead to some people ganging up on other people and victimizing them. But over the long run I'm sure it will balance itself out. And the positives of this far out-weigh the negatives IMO.

The system for calculating a ranking system such as this may be complex and even seemingly impossible but I'm sure if enough heads can come together a solution can be found. But MikeC's input will also crucial because I think he's the only one here he knows how vbulletin works.

EDIT: Depending on whether people think this post is useless drivel or not, I hope it can be moved to the open section so that more people can give their input.
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