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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

black, your not getting much acceleration with that though. If you go ahead and download the vista web drivers, you will find its pretty nice and bare bones, it dosnt even have a wave applet. But it does come with all the necessary control panels so you can setup some effects if you want them, and all your speaker configurations.

Browsing through most of the thread, I don't like it. Most of it is pure BS (About how much sound processing impacts the cpu... it impacts it ALOT). I am not creative fan.. but ive been using non creative solutions up untill my just built pc, and got tired of 3d sound not working correctly in games. So I got one of the cheaper x-fi's and have been happy with it (Course again, I didn't need to install most of creatives bloat crap... the web drivers are pretty vanilla). People claim some of the higher end cards do exceed creative's gamer cards, maybe they do in sound quality, but I suspect if they truly did in games, hard core gamers in which every fps counts would be switching over. Also as for the comment about creative holding back sound card development.. Its not that they hold back, its because they are on top they feel they don't have to innovate anymore. Kind of like what EA is doing with Madden, its the same crap with a different face each year, when there is plenty they could be doing with computer sound. It sucks.. but for some reason NO one else wants to take a serious crack at gaming sound cards.

BTW as for the WoW issue, they did not remove HW sound acceleration. They upgraded their sound system (It was from a quality third party that creative ahas worked with before) and the new one did not have the hardware 3d hooks installed in with it. Creative is making attempts to get with blizzard in fixing up their blunder with implementing the upgraded engine, but in their original post they claimed blizzards replies where unresponsive. That was a while ago and may have changed now.
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